Creating Harmonious Spaces

Those who believe in magic will always find it!

Zone of Tranquility

Zone of Tranquility is a place where we quiet down, relax our bodies and minds while refreshing our spirit. It is important to create space for peace and calm in our lives. This should be a place where we honor that which is special within each one of us.

Harmonious Home

In establishing a home we are creating an individual universe; a place where we can feel safe, relaxed and free from stress, regardless of what is happening in the outside world.

Improving the design, arrangement and organization of our home can also improve our good fortune and lasting well-being.

Harmonious work space - office ** Cube ** DEsk ** corner

Create a personal workspace that has ambience and welcomes you as soon as you step inside.

No matter the size of your space, it should affirm respect and appreciation for yourself as well as anyone who enters.

Elements of Design

How many times have you entered a home or office and it didn’t feel right to be there. What do you do?

Creating a harmonious space is based on the fundamental elements of design. These elements include scale, proportion, color, rhythm and space. Learn to live in harmony by integrating these elements into your environment.

Designing with Plants and Flowers

Begin to see and feel how all of nature’s gifts can be used as a pallet to create beautiful arrangements to enhance your environment. The energetic properties of plants and flowers are calming , soothing and healing.


Color surrounds us and has an impact on our state of mind. The use of color in our homes and office space, wardrobe and food choices are powerful tools in balancing and harmonizing ourselves both mentally and physically.